Thursday, 14 May 2015

7 Irritating characters Nigerian ladies display that every guy detests

Agreed, women are a unique bunch, they should be loved and taken care of, but that is not an excuse to display some unacceptable behaviours.

Ladies, there are some things you do that really irritate guys, but they will not tell you. They just do not want to hurt your feelings. Today is that day of reckoning.

1. When you want your guy to meet up to a particular standard all in the name of love. Do not try to change him. If you do not love him the way he is, dear, please look for a puppet.

2. The number one need of a man is respect. So, when you try to boss him around, you lose points. Guys prefer to date a “razz” girl who respects them, than the “toosh” queen that’s bossy.

3. “I will die for you” only exists in movies and music lyrics. Girl! Get a life. Give him some space. Stop hanging around him every time. “Take style form busy sef.” You look cheap when you’re all over him. His friends will not even accord you much respect.

4. Your boyfriend is not your ATM, neither is he your father. He is not your source. A guy wants a financially independent woman. That is not to say he should not give you gifts once in a while. Respect yourself. Earn your own income. He will respect you for that.

5. Gossips spread bad blood. It is a bad habit. Please do not display it outside.

6. Be real when you are around your guy. Do not try to keep up with the Joneses or the Alabas.

7. You think you are being classy when you talk down on people. You are just showing him that you are inconsiderate. Guys desire compassionate women who have a heart for less privileged people.


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